No mess, no tractors, just wonderful clean animals for all ages to enjoy.

National School Farm Visits!

A fantastic experience for National School children. We need just 25m square to set up our farmyard marquee, preferably on grass but on a carpark/playground in the winter. Please bring a classroom out to us at a time for a farmyard experience with all our animals. We also offer a visit for children with autism or additional needs (we can include this in this visit or your can book separately.)

Our animals include: Ducks & Ducklings, Rabbits, Kits & Guinea Pigs, Sheep and Lambs, Nubian and Pygmy Goats & Kids, Chicks, Hens & Roosters others as available on the day. Our award winning Alpacas are also available for your national school farm visit.

Your National School Visit

For your peace of mind..

We have full public liability insurance (copy available on request) and our health and safety policies and risk assessments are also availble for you to view if required. We can indemnify your company if necessary.

Please... staff, children, visitors, guests, wash your hands before and after visits!

Each farm visit lasts between 2 and 4 hours depending on the number of children. Each class will have around 30 minutes at the farm. The visit is suitable for Juniors up to 6th class!


We begin the visit by introducing ourselves and talking a little about why we are visiting the children today. We discuss caring for animals, and using quite voices and slow movements. We use this time to quieten the children down so ensure a rewarding experience for both children and animals. 

Meeting the Rabbits!

The rabbits will be in a secure pen. Children will be shown how to pick up and handle the rabbits and how to safely pass the rabbits to their friends. The children can feed the rabbits, grass, carrots and greens. Whilst the children hold the rabbits we discuss rabbit warrens, burrows, what they eat, how to look after them and more.

Chicks, Hens and Roosters!

The hens usually peck around on the grass around our marquee and the children can feed them and pick them up. We teach the children how to hold them and how to herd them back if they wander away!

Guinea Pigs

The Guinea Pigs are very cute and friendly and if they are happy they will make lots of noise, squeaking and purring. (Yes Guinea Pigs can purr!) The guinea pigs are happiest cuddled in a little blanket and the children can feed them oranges and dandilions. Our 2 most famous guinea piggies are called Ed Sheeran and Stormzy.

Ducks, Drakes & Ducklings.

Our ducks are tame and are very happy in a school setting. They will happily hop in and out of the duck baths and spash around, don't stand too close or you'll get splashed! After the baths, we let the ducks have a walk around and the children can pet and feed them. As the children walk around we talk about duck eggs, caring for ducks, how to handle them, why they have webbed feet and more.

Lambs and Kid Goats

We have baby lambs and kid goats that the children can bottle feed. They will happily walk on leads so children can take turns feeding and leading. Our pygmys goats are called Tuppence and Cinnamon!


Our adult sheep called Moon (she's very famous!) and is available throughout the visit for petting and walking around on a lead.

Now with Award Winning Alpacas!

You can add Alpacas to your school visit, they are super calm and walk around on leads. 

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Thank you so much for visiting our school last week and thank you to Connie for showing all the animals to the children they really enjoyed it and had an amazing time.

Educational and fun, Thank you!! We will book you again next year. Great organisation and very calm happy animals.


Jane H. National School

Thank you for the school visit, the children enjoyed it right from juniors to 6th class. Very professional and ran smoothly all day. See you next year. 

David L

National School Dublin

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